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Monday 9.00-18.00
Tuesday 9.00-18.00
Wednesday 9.00-18.00
Thursday 9.00-18.00
Friday 9.00-18.00
Saturday 9.00-14.00

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Pulsmed Lodz

The Pulsmed hospital has been operating continuously since 1994. In its structures, it has a multidisciplinary medical clinic and a hospital providing services in the field of: bariatrics – obesity treatment, general surgery, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery as well as urology, laryngology and neurosurgery. The hospital offers patients modern therapies using stem cells in the treatment of orthopedic, neurological, ophthalmologic diseases, or in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging therapies.

As the most experienced in Poland and one of the three best obesity treatment centers in the world the Pulsmed Hospital conducts trainings with methods of reduced invasiveness (gastric balloon) for doctors from all over the world.

Years of experience
Hospital staff
Types of treatments
Patients annually

Our specialists

We employ experienced doctors from various fields and cooperate with highly qualified specialists from the Medical University of Lodz and many medical centers throughout the country.
Avatar pracownika - Ali Sulima
dr Ali Sulima
Medical specialty: General surgery, Urology, 
Avatar pracownika - Anna Gawrońska
Dr Anna Gawrońska
Medical specialty: Laryngology, 
Avatar pracownika - Artur Stronias
dr Artur Stronias
Medical specialty: Orthopedics, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Dariusz Dobrowolski
dr Dariusz Dobrowolski
Medical specialty: Urology, 
Avatar pracownika - Dariusz Zapieraczyński
dr Dariusz Zapieraczyński
Medical specialty: Orthopedics, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Dariusz Ziółkowski
dr Dariusz Ziółkowski
Medical specialty: Aesthetic medicine, General surgery, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Dorota Pałenga Pydyn
dr Dorota Pałenga Pydyn
Medical specialty: Ophthalmology, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - dr Mateusz Jęckowski
dr Mateusz Jęckowski
Medical specialty: General surgery, 
Avatar pracownika - Ewa Langner
dr Ewa Langner
Medical specialty: Proctology, 
Avatar pracownika - Grażyna Gasińska
dr Grażyna Gasińska
Medical specialty: Ophthalmology, 
Avatar pracownika - Jacek Kasznicki
prof. Jacek Kasznicki
Medical specialty: Diabetology, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Jacek Śmigielski
prof. Jacek Śmigielski
Medical specialty: General surgery, Proctology, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Kamil Kniczek
dr Kamil Kniczek
Medical specialty: Orthopedics, 
Avatar pracownika - Krzysztof Stanek
dr Krzysztof Stanek
Medical specialty: General surgery, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Krzysztof Walenczak
dr Krzysztof Walenczak
Medical specialty: Orthopedics, 
Avatar pracownika - Paweł Kolasa
prof. Paweł Kolasa
Medical specialty: Neurosurgery, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Paweł Pisera
dr Paweł Pisera
Medical specialty: General surgery, Plastic surgery, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Paweł Wawrzyniak
dr Paweł Wawrzyniak
Medical specialty: Gynecology, 
Zdjęcie pracownika - Zbigniew Kowalczyk
dr Zbigniew Kowalczyk
Medical specialty: General surgery, 
Pulsmed - Kliniki.pl
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