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About hospital

The Pulsmed hospital has been operating continuously since 1994. In its structures, it has a multi-specialist medical clinic and clinics that provide services in the areas of: bariatrics (obesity treatment), general surgery, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and stem cells therapies in neurology, laryngology, ophthalmology, oncology, orthopedic diseases, as well as in diabetology and urology.

The hospital has:

  • 3 operating rooms with full equipment,
  • Post-operative room for 3 positions and one with anesthetic supervision (R),
  • Diagnostic and treatment rooms,
  • 1-2-person sickrooms (bathroom, TV, telephone),
  • Three-bed dayroom,
  • Rehabilitation unit.

In Pulsmed clinics, experienced doctors from various fields are employed. In addition, there is ongoing cooperation with highly qualified specialists from the Medical University of Lodz and many medical centers in Poland and abroad, both in the field of treatment and innovative research projects using stem cell technologies.

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