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Professional care of the patient

The Pulsmed hospital has been operating continuously since 1994. In its structures, it has a multi-specialist medical clinic and clinics that provide services in the areas of: bariatrics (obesity treatment), general surgery, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and stem cells therapies in neurology, laryngology, ophthalmology, oncology, orthopedic diseases, as well as in diabetology and urology.

The hospital has:

  • 3 operating rooms with full equipment,
  • Post-operative room for 3 positions and one with anesthetic supervision (R),
  • Diagnostic and treatment rooms,
  • 1-2-person sickrooms (bathroom, TV, telephone),
  • Three-bed dayroom,
  • Rehabilitation unit.

In Pulsmed clinics, experienced doctors from various fields are employed. In addition, there is ongoing cooperation with highly qualified specialists from the Medical University of Lodz and many medical centers in Poland and abroad, both in the field of treatment and innovative research projects using stem cell technologies.

Adipose Derived Stem Cells treatment

The Pulsmed Hospital has many years of experience in ADSC (Adipose Derived Stem Cells) stem cell therapy, which is used to regenerate tissues and organs. Therapies are used in many diseases entities: orthopedics, tissue damage after injuries and burns, plastic and reconstructive surgery, treatment of fistulas and non-healing wounds in diabetes, treatment of spinal discopathy, organ damage (liver, kidneys), in heart and blood vessels ischemia, post-stroke conditions, as well as in degenerative diseases in neurology (SM). ADSC stem cells are also used as part of rejuvenating therapies (anti-aging) and plastic surgery (breast augmentation), aesthetic medicine (lipofillings, mesotherapy, scar treatment and balding symptoms, etc.). ADSC infusion is also an innovative therapy in the treatment of diabetes (type 2) and in the spine diseases (discopathy).

Tissues and Stem Cells Bank

The professionalism and experience of the Pulsmed Hospital in the field of ADSC stem cell therapy is confirmed by the permission of the Ministry of Health in terms of: collecting adipose stem cells for autologous use, as well as the National Tissue and Cell Banking Center permission for preparation and distribution of ADSC stem cells. In the Tissues and Stem Cells Bank it is possible to store the patient’s stem cells isolated from adipose tissue, for example during liposuction procedures. The frozen stem cells can be used by the patient even after a few years, in many therapeutic indications.

Obesity treatment

The Pulsmed Hospital is the most experienced in Poland and one of the three best obesity treatment centers in the world with using methods of reduced invasiveness (gastric balloon). In the Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Treatment Clinic, bariatric surgery is performed, covering the issues of gastrointestinal surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery. In order to achieve the best results of weight and fat reduction, liposuction and plastic surgery of skin layers as well as modeling and firming treatments are performed.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Pulsmed offers treatments both in the field of traditional plastic surgery and using patient’s stem cells. The scope of treatments includes enlarging, reducing and raising the breast (including implants), ear, nose and eyelid plasty. Patients can take advantage of a wide range of aesthetic medicine treatments, including many types of laser therapy.


Pulsmed hospital in an elite group

Since 2014, the Pulsmed Hospital is a member of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce with headquarters in Warsaw. The main task of the Chamber is to support the development of Polish-Swiss economic contacts and trade between entities operating in both countries.

An active member of the international organization of hospitals and clinics actively participating in the B+R projects in the field of modern medical technologies based on cellular therapies: Cell Society Europe.

Pulsmed is one of the founders and active members of the National Association of Private Hospitals, an organization supporting the development of private health care and improving the quality of hospital care in Poland.

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