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Bank activity

The professionalism and experience of the Pulsmed Hospital in the field of ADSC stem cell therapy is confirmed by the permission of the Ministry of Health in terms of: collecting adipose stem cells for autologous use, as well as the National Tissue and Cell Banking Center permission for preparation and distribution of ADSC stem cells. In the Tissues and Stem Cells Bank it is possible to store the patient’s stem cells isolated from adipose tissue, for example during liposuction procedures. The frozen stem cells can be used by the patient even after a few years, in many therapeutic indications.

Potential of the Tissues and Stem Cells

In the Tissues and Stem Cells Bank new possibilities of stem cell treatment for doctors and patients were created. After the usual liposuction procedure, patients have the option of freezing their adipose tissue or ADSC stem cells for future treatments. ADSC stem cells are frozen under validated conditions in liquid nitrogen vapor, so that cell products (after thawing) are available to patients for many years from the date of collection. Tissues and Stem Cells Bank is the perfect place to conduct scientific research with the use of regenerative medicine.

The Tissues and Stem Cells Bank provides our patients professional and safe care of the collected adipose tissue and ADSC stem cells. Our quality system allows safe storage of stem cells in liquid nitrogen vapor and use after thawing, even after several years.

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