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Stem cells banking

Stem cells are produced in our body throughout life. Each of us can use the potential that lies in them. In the Tissues and Stem Cells Bank operating in the Pulsmed hospital, it is possible to collect and store own stem cells isolated from fat tissue. The frozen cell product can be used by the patient even after a few years, in many therapeutic indications

One liposuction, ADSC stem cells for life

Thanks to the collection of excess adipose tissue and ADSC stem cells isolation, the cellular product can be divided into portions. The amount of the portions is determined individually with the patient’s physician. This is a revolutionary change in the planning of stem cells therapy, in which the patient has only one liposuction to collect adipose tissue. Stem cells isolated from one procedure can be given to the patient repeatedly, in outpatient settings. This is a great convenience, especially in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, orthopedics, diabetology or neurosurgery, where it is not enough to administrate ADSC stem cells in only one injection/infusion to achieve a satisfactory clinical response.

Stem cells therapy in treatment of many diseases

The ADSC stem cells isolated and stored in the Tissues and Stem Cells Bank are used in the treatment of many diseases and degenerations,  e.g. in neurosurgery (discopathy), orthopedics (entezopathies, shoulder, knee, wrist), diabetology (type II diabetes) or oral surgery. ADSC stem cells can be used to improve beauty, in plastic surgery (facial, breast lipofilling), aesthetic medicine (mesotherapy, facial, breast and body treatments).

  1. During the liposuction procedure, we take adipose tissue together with the ADSC stem cells.
  2. Then, after professional preparation, our specialists inject/infuse stem cells according to the indication established with the treating physician.
  3. The remaining part of the harvested stem cells is frozen and available to the patient for many subsequent years.
  4. It is possible to perform liposuction and freeze the entire ADSC stem cells collected from fat tissue.

Cooperation with Tissues and Stem Cells Bank

We offer access to modern therapies based on stem cells to hospitals, scientific institutions and patients. We enable short- and long-term storage of ADSC stem cells for the needs of ongoing therapies We encourage hospitals and clinics from all over Poland and Europe to cooperate with our Tissues and Stem Cells Bank. After signing the contract, you can direct your patients to our facility. An experienced team of specialists from our Hospital makes a medical qualification and then isolates ADSC stem cells from the patient’s fat tissue. After isolation of ADSC stem cells, we obtain ready-made cellular products for clinical use. Then, depending on the therapeutic decision, the stem cells product can be sent to your medical facility fresh (on the same day/next day) or at the right time (after many weeks, months) in a frozen form (in dry ice).

We are convinced that we will offer you a satisfactory and long-term cooperation model that ensures your facilities and patients treated with constant access to modern cellular therapies.

Offer for the patients

We offer our patients an annual subscription (with the possibility of extension) for storing their own ADSC stem cells and a 10% discount for all treatments in which they may be applicable.

  • Storage of the autologous ADSC stem cells for one year and longer.
  • Storage of the autologous ADSC stem cells for 5 years and longer.

Contact us and we will present a price offer.

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