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Ultrasound Examination (USG)

Ultrasound Examination (USG)

The Pulsmed Hospital has an ultrasound laboratory equipped with the latest generation digital device: 3D USG from Siemens Acuson X300.

The device has three heads installed, which allow for a comprehensive range of tests using imaging in both 2D and 3D (three-dimensional, four-dimensional 3D real-time) using the Doppler option of vascular and tissue flows. In addition, the device has an advanced cardiological and vascular option allowing for extensive diagnostics in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

Our equipment allows us to present spatial color photographs that have diagnostic value for leading doctors of various specializations- e.g. during pregnancy. In addition, the device allows for archiving and giving to patients the test documentation in digital form – on DVD, CD or PENDRIVE media.

Price list

Ultrasound examination
Abdominal cavity (together with the kidneys) 70 PLN
Urinary system (kidneys + bladder) 70 PLN
Urinary system + prostate (a transabdominal probe) 80 PLN
Prostate + bladder (transabdominal probe) 70 PLN
Prostate (transabdominal probe) 60 PLN
Testicles 60 PLN
Thyroid 70 PLN
Genital organs 70 PLN
Breast, nipples 80 PLN
Lymph nodes 70 PLN
Salivary glands 70 PLN
Soft tissues of the indicated area 60 PLN
Eyeball 70 PLN
Puncture under ultrasound control 100 PLN
Pregnancy 80 PLN
Orthopedic ultrasound
Organs of movement (tendon, muscle, foot, arm, elbow) 70 PLN
Knee joint (single joint) 80 PLN
Shoulder joint (single joint) 80 PLN
Hip joint (single joint) 80 PLN
Puncture under ultrasound control 100 PLN
Ultrasound control test 50 PLN
Vascular ultrasound
Doppler of blood vessels (1 system) 130 PLN
Doppler of blood vessels (2 systems: veins and arteries) 150 PLN
Echo of children's hearts (test and consultation) 200 PLN

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22 February 2021

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29 January 2021

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