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The Pulsmed hospital has in its structures a digital X-ray laboratory (radiographs) equipped with modern medical equipment.

Taking care of quality assurance, the laboratory is regularly controlled with acceptance, basic and specialized tests. X-ray photos are taken from 9:00 to 14:00. In order to take a picture, you need to obtain a referral with which you should register in our laboratory. After creating the patient’s documentation, patient will be asked to go to the X-ray laboratory. The test results are recorded on a CD and along with the description will be available for collection within a week. To take an X-ray picture you need a referral from the primary care physician. Referral is valid indefinitely.

AP – anterior-posterior projection
PA – posterior-anterior projection

Price list

X-ray of the limbs
Shoulder + humerus bone AP 30 PLN
Forearm AP + side 30 PLN
Elbow AP + lateral view 25 PLN
Palm 20 PLN
Fingers AP + lateral view 25 PLN
Ankle joint 25 PLN
Foot AP + lateral view 25 PLN
Foot in contact with the ground 50 PLN
Shin AP + lateral view 30 PLN
Femur bone 30 PLN
Thigh AP + lateral view 30 PLN
Knee joint AP + lateral view 25 PLN
Knee joints - comparative photo 50 PLN
Calcaneus – lateral + axial 30 PLN
Wrist (2 exp.) 20 PLN
Patella (2 exp.) 20 PLN
X-ray of the skull
Skull AP + lateral view 30 PLN
Skull base 20 PLN
Turkish saddle 20 PLN
Sinus (1 exp.) 25 PLN
Nasal bone 25 PLN
Eye sockets for foreign body 35 PLN
Mandible - oblique projection 20 PLN
Facial 20 PLN
Abdominal X-ray
Pelvis with hip joints 30 PLN
Lumbar-sacral spine (2 exp.) 40 PLN
Lumbo-sacral spine - oblique projection 40 PLN
Pelvic X-ray
Pelvis with hip joints 30 PLN
Sacroiliac joints 30 PLN
Hip joint - axial (1 exp.) 30 PLN
Femoral head 20 PLN
Tailbone AP + lateral view 35 PLN
X-ray of the cervical spine
Cervical spine AP + lateral view 30 PLN
Functional cervical spine (2 exp.) 35 PLN
Chest X-ray
Chest 25 PLN
Chest AP + lateral view 30 PLN
Thoracic spine AP + lateral view 40 PLN
Ribs AP 25 PLN
Ribs AP + lateral view 40 PLN
Sternum + lateral view 40 PLN
Collarbone (1 exp.) 20 PLN
Shoulder joint AP 20 PLN
Shoulder joint - axial 10 PLN
Picture of the peaks according to Przybylski 20 PLN

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