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Knee joint

Knee joint

Degenerative changes in a knee joint appear due to the fact that its tissues too early wear out. These changes embrace both joint cartilage, joint soft structures, ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. First degeneration appears in the area of back part of knee-cap as a result of squeezing while bending a knee. The structure of joint cartilage is damaged, it loses elasticity and even breaks, which results in the loss of joint structure. In the course of time some spurs may appear and they bring about damage in knee-cap structure and pain.

The main cause of knee joint degenerative diseases is the process of organism aging. What also contributes to this problem are various injuries occurring during our life as well as inborn joint deformations; supination, knock-knee or inborn knee dysplasia.

The first symptoms of degenerative joint diseases are often misleading and do not worry patients. Fatigue that we feel in legs as a result of weakness is usually not associated with this condition. Articular cartilage that is the first to undergo changes is not innervated and thus pain appears quite late. It can occur while walking and disappear while resting. This pain comes from joint soft structures i.e. overstretched ligaments, muscles or damaged joint capsule. In the course of knee joint degenerative disease inflammatory conditions appear frequently as a result of effusions, which evokes changes in the joint surface.

Preventive treatment or treatment of knee joint degenerative disorders often includes changing a way of life and taking up physical activity. If these do not bring expected effects, physiotherapy procedures, pharmacological treatment and even surgical treatment can be applied. Treatment with ADSC stem cells used in Pulsmed Hospital offers a wide range of opportunities for regeneration of knee joint damaged by the disease. It facilitates joint functioning, reduces pain and improves a comfort and quality of life.


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