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Muscle and Tendon Injuries

Muscle and Tendon Injuries

Muscle, tendon or ligament injuries most frequently occur while practicing different kinds of sport disciplines. However, it is not the only case. Similar injuries can happen in the course of everyday life e.g. an unfortunate fall, stumble or tread. It must be noted that soft tissue injuries also include ligament or joint capsule injuries, not only muscle and tendon injuries. In colloquial speech we often talk about muscle strain, tear, sprain or bruising.

Definitely more serious injuries are those in which we observe the tear in the continuity of tissues as they often require a urgical intervention, and what follows a longer recovery period. All damaged soft tissues react in a very similar way and give similar  symptoms.

The first common symptoms include acute inflammation and subsequent swelling, a rise in temperature in the injured area and the whole body. They are often accompanied by a severe pain in the damaged area that increases while moving an injured limb. This phase takes about 7 days after the injury.

The second phase of soft tissue regeneration is the proliferation phase which takes about 3 weeks after the injury. It involves the generation of cells that are responsible for reconstruction of damaged tissues.

The last phase is a so-called remodeling phase and it involves regeneration and nutrition of damaged tissues.

The procedure that must be implemented immediately after the injury involves quite simple steps. The injured part of the body should be protected, e.g. immobilized with an elastic band or a plaster cast. It is also recommended to put ice on injured area in order to reduce swelling and ache. The limb must be also properly placed i.e. higher than normal in order to prevent swelling and reduce the risk of hematomas.

After removing an immobilizing bandage patients must undergo a series of procedures aiming at improvement of their physical condition.

Pulsmed Hospital offers an innovative method of treatment of such injuries using ADSC stem cells that are harvested from a patient’s own adipose tissue. Direct administration of stem cells into an injured area facilitates its fast regeneration. This type of treatment is comfortable for a patient who quickly recovers and returns to a normal life.


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