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Shoulder joint

Shoulder joint

Degenerative changes of shoulder joint are the most common cause of shoulder pain. They appear in the course of organism aging, which leads to gradual damage of articular cartilage and rubbing out of joint surface. Its consequence is pain that appears with motion. Degenerative changes of shoulder joint are mostly observed in bluecollar workers who permanently use a lot of strength. Pain that appears at the moment of movement limits joint mobility and as a result it causes joint stiffness. The biggest problem are shoulder rotation movements and abduction movements. Pain can radiate into the whole upper limb and induce its general weakness.

There are a lot of causes that bring about degenerative changes in shoulder joint. The most common include injuries that happened during our life e.g. shoulder dislocation, fractures, damage within soft structures of shoulder girdle. There are two ways of treating degenerative changes of shoulder joint. In minor cases physiotherapy and pharmacology are applied. In the case of extended changes less invasive methods do not bring desired effects and arthroscopy of shoulder joint, which is currently one of the most popular methods, is performed.

Pulsmed Hospital, which wishes to meet patients’ demands, offers therapies using ADSC stem cells derived from a patient’s adipose tissue to regenerate a damaged shoulder. This is a minimally invasive procedure that brings spectacular effects. Stem cells applied directly into a joint bring about its regeneration, smooth joint structure and significantly improve its mobility. This leads to pain reduction and enhancement of a patient’s comfort of life.


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