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Spine and Joint Pain Syndromes

Spine and Joint Pain Syndromes

Spine pain syndrome or joint pain syndrome can be also called overuse syndrome. This is one of the most frequent causes of pain. Its characteristic feature is that pain lasts for a long time, what only changes is its intensity. These pains most often affect cervical vertebral column and lumbar spine. It is a disease classification that is strictly connected with pathology of zygapophyseal joints.

Pain that accompanies these disorders is usually changeable and occurs a few times a month. What is also observed then is excessive prevertebral muscle spasm. The characteristic feature of this kind of pain is that its intensity depends on our position. It is definitely more severe when we lie on the back and it diminishes when we lie on the abdomen or on our side with bent legs. Another characteristic is that these pains radiate very often to the buttock or a back part of thigh. As it comes to cervical vertebral column, these pains occur in the neck and shoulder girdle area. There are numerous causes of spine pain and overuse syndromes. They include osteoarthritis, non-physiological curvatures of the spine (loss of physiological lordosis or increased lordosis or kyphosis), long-lasting pressure on certain segments of the spine as well as post-traumatic and post-inflammatory disorders.

Another very frequent cause of pain and overuse syndromes are, socalled osteophytes (sclerotisation of edges). Spine and joint pain syndromes are also caused by many factors which we can refer to as “natural” ones. They include age, type of work, bad diet, lack of physical activities. All these issues make up a picture of pain and overuse syndromes. The basis of diagnosis of this syndrome is the medical history that a doctor makes while talking to a patient as well as tests from the scope of diagnostic imaging such as X -ray examination. When it is not sufficient for a doctor to make a diagnosis, more advanced tests such as spine CT scan or MRI scan are recommended.

The treatment generally involves conservative, not very invasive measures. The most common are rehabilitation procedures in the field of physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy. If they do not bring desired effects, intra-articular blocks with anti-inflammatory or painkillers are used.

Administration of stem cells directly into an affected joint causes its regeneration and a significant mobility improvement. ADSC stem cells that have been harvested from a patient’s adipose tissue facilitate recovery processes and bring satisfaction to a patient. Return to a good physical condition is fast and a patient’s comfort of life markedly increases.


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