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Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow i.e. lateral epicondylitis is a painful elbow condition that is caused by an inflammation of the tendons that attach to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. While the common name suggests a link to sport, the percentage of tennis players among the afflicted is very low and amounts only to 10%. It is much more often observed in people working long at the computer keyboard e.g. IT specialists and people whose daily activities involve intensive repetitive wrist motion e.g. screwing in. The other factors that contribute to the condition include e.g. carrying heavy objects with fully extended elbows. The method of treatment depends on a type and advancement of the condition. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication as well as keeping an arm at rest very often bring desired effects. Sometimes physiotherapy, mainly massages prove to be useful. Good results are also achieved after applying ice or cryotherapy.

Sometimes an arm requires a temporary immobilization in plaster cast or orthosis. Therapies with ADSC stem cells offered by Pulsmed Private Hospital provide vast opportunities for quick recovery. Stem cells derived from a patient’s own adipose tissue and subsequently administered into an afflicted area bring about its regeneration, nourishing and improve mobility. Pain disappears and comfort of life significantly improves.


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