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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation

The aim of breast augmentation is not only to increase breast size but also to lift it and to shape properly. Breast shape depends on a lot factors including a woman’s age or race. Not many women possess ideal and commonly admired breast. Majority of women complain that it is too small or too big. Thus, more and more women resort to plastic surgery to improve breast size and shape. After the surgery most patients feel more attractive and feminine. Their self-esteem is boosted and they feel better mentally. The bond with a partner and other people is strengthened – they show a more positive attitude to life.

Before treatment
It is necessary to consult a doctor who will inform a patient about the procedure and treatment. Patient should also undergo additional laboratory tests such as blood morphology, blood group, bleeding and coagulation time tests, ECG and breast ultrasound or breast mammography.

Absolute contraindications for the procedure include unstable blood pressure, diabetes, coagulation disorders, dyspnea and suppurative infection of chest skin.

Possible complications
The complications after surgery can be hemorrhages, infections and hard-to-heal wounds . Good cooperation with a doctor usually helps to avoid serious complications

Procedure and recovery
Procedure is performed under general anesthesia Patient must stay in hospital for about two days. Full recovery takes about 2-3 months.


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11 March 2021

Wykonywałam lipomodeling piersi u dr Kowalczyka. Jestem bardzo zadowolona. I mąż również 🙂 Polecam

wdzięczna Anna

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