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Earlobe Correction

Earlobe Correction

This procedure aims to improve undesirable appearance of ears through modelling of undeveloped elements of gristle and proper alignment of earlobe. Ear surgery is performed to improve deformation or anomalous earlobe appearance. The most common reason for the surgery is correction of protruding ears. This imperfection is noticed soon after childbirth, thus majority of patients are children. The procedure can be carried out in children at the age of 8 when earlobes are fully developed and procedure does not impair their further development.

Before treatment
It is necessary to consult a specialist who will inform a patient about the procedure and treatment. Patient should also undergo additional laboratory tests such as blood morphology, blood group, bleeding and coagulation time tests.

There are no explicit contraindications to perform ear correction surgery. The only obstacle can be unstable blood pressure, coagulation disorders or inflammation in the area subjected to treatment.

Possible complications
The complications after ear correction are sometimes bleeding or infections. In cases of plastic surgery good cooperation with a doctor is indispensable in order to avoid serious complications and promptly cure the slighter ones.

Procedure and recovery
Procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Patient must stay in hospital maximum one day. Right after the surgery pain and swelling of ear lobes can be observed and full recovery takes about 3 weeks. Patient is provided with a band that must be worn (only during sleep) for three weeks after suture and bandage removal, which is usually done on the ninth day after the procedure.


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