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Face lifting

Face lifting

The aim of the procedure is to remove excess skin and folds from the lower area of face (face lift). The procedure helps to refresh and rejuvenate face appearance. Our face usually portrays first visible signs of aging that leads to wrinkles. In order to prevent it we often use expensive creams and other cosmetics whose effects are only local and short-term. Thus, it is often necessary to ask a plastic surgeon for help.

Before treatment
It is necessary to consult a specialist who will inform a patient about the procedure and treatment. Before the procedure a patient has to undergo additional laboratory tests such as blood morphology, blood group, bleeding and coagulation time tests as well as ECG.

There are no explicit contraindications to perform the procedure. The only obstacle can be diabetes, anemia, blood pressure disorders, hyperthyroidism, suppurative inflammation of sinuses and face.

Possible complications
The most serious complication, which is very rare, is facial paralysis and mimic muscles paralysis. The other rare complications are hematomas and infections that usually result from inadequate adherence to doctor’s recommendations. In cases of plastic surgery good cooperation with a doctor is indispensable in order to avoid serious complications and promptly cure the slighter ones.

Procedure and recovery
Procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia but a doctor can decide to apply local anesthesia after talking to a patient. Patient must stay in hospital maximum two days. Full recovery takes about 2-3 weeks.


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