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Scar removal

Scar removal

Scars result from the biological process of wound repair and are a natural part of healing process. Some are less noticeable, but some can be really unaesthetic. Sometimes scars can result in physical disability or growth disorders of specific parts of body. There are a lot of factors of a healing process which influence the way a scar looks, such as wound suppuration, hematomas, suture release or genetic predisposition – keloid tendency.

In case of smaller scars creams and ointments in combination with appropriate medication or massage in a scar area are sufficient methods of treatment. However, in case of bigger scars plastic surgery is the only effective method. The aim of the procedure is to improve the look of scars, not their complete removal which is often impossible.

Before treatment
It is essential to visit a doctor who will inform a patient about the procedure, treatment and possible risks.

There are no explicit contraindications to perform the procedure. The only obstacle can be diabetes, anemia, blood pressure disorders, hyperthyroidism, suppurative inflammation in the area subjected to treatment.

Possible complications
Complications are very rare. What can be observed after complicated procedures are hematomas, skin growth or a slight infection. Good cooperation with a doctor usually significantly reduces the incidence of complications. The course of the whole treatment process is very important, from the very first visit, through the course of treatment to the period after surgery and recovery, which are crucial to achieve positive effects for a patient, both from an aesthetic and mental angle.

Procedure and recovery
Procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. A doctor decides which type of anesthesia should be used after talking to patient. Period of recovery after complicated procedures can take up to several weeks. Final results of scar correction should be expected after at least one year.


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